Upcoming Events

Tue 20/01/2015
08:00 AM to 09:00 AM
From time-to-time the Joomla! enthusiasts at F2 like to get together with our clients (and prospective clients!) to chew the fat about all things Joomla!.

Following our 3 hour Eat Joomla! for Breakfast Seminar series, this one hour webinar will discuss what we consider to be default and core Joomla! technologies important to your business, as well as exploring some new and emerging 3rd party extensions that have the potential to benefit your organisation.

We will also be focusing on the top 20 things you should be doing in Joomla! and in website marketing in general, plus we'll be reviewing some of our current and recent projects to provide insight into how we approached specific problems to arrive at appropriate solutions for each client.

Who is this session relevent for

  • Anyone new to Joomla!
  • Anyone using Joomla! but needing to better understand the framework
  • Anyone in charge of content management and is looking to improve their website
Event Type:
Eat Joomla for Breakfast