At Foote Francis, we pride ourselves on our ability to respond quickly to client requests, be they support, design or development-based.

Optional, Monthly Website Support Plans

Since 2002 we have supported our clients in the implementation of many hundreds of Joomla websites and have provided training, support and development across all manner of client business requirements. We recognise and understand the challenges associated with implementing and maintaining a website, particularly those relating to website security, keeping Joomla/WordPress and 3rd party components up-to-date, accruing staff knowledge and 3rd party business systems integration (e.g. MYOB).  We would therefore like to introduce you to a new support and maintentance strategy with optional plans for your business aimed at trying to reduce the pressure and at removing the headache.

The support plans provided assistance across a number of areas including:

  • Training, telephone and email support;
  • Content loading assistance;
  • Website security monitoring and intrusion assistance;
  • Website back-up management;
  • Cross- and future-browser (version) testing and compatibility updates;
  • Google Analytics;
  • Font substitution;
  • Hosting liaison and support;
  • E-news performance and email system compatibility testing;
  • Joomla/WordPress Website framework and 3rd party system extension updates;
  • General system maintenance and recommendations.


Please click here to view and download a copy of the support plans available and contact us on (08) 9248 1867 / This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. to discuss your specific concerns or requirements, or please click here to download a copy of our ad hoc Joomla and WordPress website support fees.


Mobile Browser-optimised Joomla! Templates from F2

Q. Do you want to optimise and extend the reach of your website to suit mobile devices/smart phones?

mobile-joomlaYour customers use their smart phones to be connected to everything; communicating with others, searching for information and even QR code-based promotions. So why not make your business more presentable on their mobile device? You can do this now with the Mobile Joomla extension for Joomla! 1.5 and 1.7; a component that transforms your existing Joomla! website on-the-fly to suite a mobile browser-optimised layout.

Mobile Joomla offers these benefits and opportunities to grow your business:

  • Gives you a menu-centric view of your website that users can easily browse through on a smaller screen;
  • Automatically picks up on the type of smartphone and presents the correct template for each platform (such as iPhone, iPad, Android, Blackberry, Nokia);
  • Perfect for displaying mobile-optimised Quick Response (QR) code landing pages, which lots of merchants are using now-a-days to promote and sell their products. With an easily-obtained QR Reader phone plug-in, users can scan the product's QR code in-store and are immediately redirected to and presented with your phone-specific and mobile-optimised webpage;
  • Useful tool for your employees who are on the go (such as salespeople wanting to update their contacts via F2 CRM);
  • Provides mobile-optimised shopping carts that allows mobile users to make purchases anywhere at any time.

Q. How do optimise my website for a smart phone?

Through three simple steps that Foote Francis ('F2') helps you perform:

  1. First, we check your website for content that might cause problems when converting that content to a mobile platform.
  2. Second, we create specific templates to suit each phone platform. Mobile Joomla supports the iPhone, iPad, Android, Blackberry, and Nokia platforms.
  3. We review your entire website, including text, graphics, images, web forms and even shopping cart products with check-out processes, to optimise the style and presentation of the content to suit the smaller mobile display.

All a user has to do to get started is download the application, install it on their Joomla! website and away they go. F2 is, of course, here to provide assistance, as required.

Q. How much is it going to cost me?

For the average Joomla! website of, say, 20 to 30 pages, it would general require between 6 to 9 hours of work to style and optimise the existing content. For a more specific estimate of implementing the Mobile Joomla application, please contact the team at F2 on 08 9228 9288, or visit our website. We will perform a quick audit of your website content, and any 3rd party extensions that you may be using, and provide you with a firm estimate.

From December 2011 through to January 31, 2012, we’re giving you an extra incentive to “mobilise” your website. F2 is offering a 10% discount on any costs for optimizing your site for using the Mobile Joomla! plugin.

But don’t just take our word for it, please check out one of our client’s websites on your smart phone at You’ll see the advantage of letting your users browse your information and buy your products or services from anywhere at any time

Web Design

F2 recommends and develops applications for the Joomla! content management system (CMS), and so the F2 web design service is structured to provide you with complete information relating to how you can manage your website in-house.  There are a multitude of 3rd party extensions for the Joomla! CMS, providing such functionalities as shopping carts, document managment, banner/image management, SEO and so on; effectively making Joomla! not just a content management system, but also an operating system much like you are running on your home or office computer.

Designing for Joomla! is simplified in that it is a template 'engine', enabling multiple layouts and styles to be introduced within the one website; so much so that many 3rd party template design services have sprung up offering Joomla!-specific templates that may be purchased and customised to suit your organisation's requirements. Structurally websites can be very much the same, so in creating a custom website design for your organisation, the time take on the design component itself can be reduced dramatically by having you and your colleagues look through template sites, such as, select two or three examples of sites that you like and noting down what you like about each design.  Items such as where the menu is located; is it horizontal at the top of the page? Is it underneath a banner/header image area?  Are there specific effects on the menu that you like?  Do you need banner images to rotate from one photo to the next? ... and so on.  Note that the way in which the content is laid out within your site will ultimately depend on the content itself and our team is here to guide you through the process of implementing the site as simply and easily as possible.

The F2 skill set includes the following list of design and development technologies: Photoshop, Dreamweaver, HTML, Flash, ActionScript, JavaScript, AJAX, PHP, MySQL, XML, XHTML, Smarty.

Contact F2 now for a complete analysis of your web site and online business marketing and management needs. Remember, our goal is not merely to produce a web site for your business, but to implement systems to help manage your online business and to enable you to move from brochureware to businessware.

Application Development

F2 have developed a range of advanced business, marketing and customer management applications designed to convert your online presence from brochureware to businessware, however we're always interested in discussing ways of extending them to suit additional requirements and investigating new development projects.


Newsletter Management

The F2 web-based newsletter system is called Shout Out and is designed to integrate with your company’s web site for the collection of customer or site visitor data via advanced form integration that you control yourself.