F2 Projects

F2 Projects is a web-based job management system designed and developed specifically for the advertising, marketing and graphic design industries, or any industry that works to a schedule in preparing artwork and/or documentation in draft or version format.

F2 Projects provides your organisation with advanced functionality to track projects and their related jobs, as well as campaigns for media scheduling. Submissions for campaigns and projects that are awaiting the nod from the client are managed via a status option in the work-in-progress list, whilst production and supply deadline warnings that are user-definable by product type always keep you in control and on schedule.


F2 Sellout

Sellout! provides an easy front end navigation system for prospective conference/seminar attendees including both calendar driven and scrollable or list-based presentations of your events so that prospective attendees can instantly understand what they are signing up to and have a clear understanding of their obligations as well as any bonuses and promotions (such as early bird booking promotions or product give-aways) that you have specified.

Reports on income by conference/seminar/course, by country, state, by day by month, by user-defined date range and type of courses may be generated. Expense entry for each event, or at the campaign level (i.e. groupings of events), allows you to undertake a break-even analysis prior to and during the event, with regular income and profit analysis updates generated as required.



F2CRM is a customer relationship management (CRM) system that has been developed by Foote Francis Pty Ltd (‘F2’) to integrate extensively with the entire range of F2 web-based applications within the Platfform suite.

F2CRM provides for the storage of contact (client and prospective client) details, the recording of notes against contacts, the establishment of tasks and reminders, the tracking of calls and the sending of company branded/styled HTML emails and merged documents (PDF or Word). F2CRM may also be integrated directly with the F2 Shout Out e-news, survey and promotions management ‘engine’ for mass communications and marketing.


F2 Shout Out

F2 Shout Out is an email, SMS, fax and survey marketing 'engine' capable of integrating with a number of applications developed by F2 as well as the Joomla! content management system.

F2 Shout Out allows integration with your web site for the collection of data, allowing you full control and customisation of the web site forms you require to capture and report on your customer data. Competition management, custom fields for data collection, referral tracking, SMS broadcast and an easy-to-use WYSIWYG editor (TinyMCE) make F2 Shout Out the perfect solution for creating and managing your e-mail, SMS and fax marketing campaigns.



The messaging system to rival your email system for business communications, F2SMS provides instant messaging to your sales force, your management team and, most importantly, your customers.