F2 Sellout

Sellout! provides an easy front end navigation system for prospective conference/seminar attendees including both calendar driven and scrollable or list-based presentations of your events so that prospective attendees can instantly understand what they are signing up to and have a clear understanding of their obligations as well as any bonuses and promotions (such as early bird booking promotions or product give-aways) that you have specified.

Reports on income by conference/seminar/course, by country, state, by day by month, by user-defined date range and type of courses may be generated. Expense entry for each event, or at the campaign level (i.e. groupings of events), allows you to undertake a break-even analysis prior to and during the event, with regular income and profit analysis updates generated as required.

Full integration with the F2 Shout Out! email and SMS marketing engine allows for full automation of all event communications as well as capabilities to extend your marketing effort via referral tracking and rewards.

Full integration is provided to the secure F2 Pay Station online payment gateway, with reports on income by user-defined date range, per event, per city, etc. Customise your loyalty and discount scenarios by percent or dollar value depending on the number of attendees signing up, and integrate with F2SMS to facilitate enhanced attendee registrations and interaction.

Sellout! may be licensed for use, however may also be implemented under a partnership arrangement allowing us to do all of the online management and marketing work for you.

Sellout! is the perfect event management solution for companies that provide seminars and training. For more information on Sellout! please visit www.sellout.net.au.