Platfform - Multi-site Joomla! Connectivity

Our vision for the range of multi-site web-based software applications that our company develops, including ...

  • F2 CRM - a CRM application enabling full control over contact information captured and stored from one or more (Joomla!) websites (and from the various systems described here), including the F2 Automation module for triggered and scheduled events, document generation (PDF) and management, user defined fields for most system functions (e.g. contact types, product types, proposals, etc.), as well as developments underway in the areas of purchase order management, inventory control and contract management;

  • F2 SignUp - membership management and the F2 CRM 'front-end' registration process including product and service configuration settings (i.e. traditional shopping cart), promotions and loyalty management, quote and proposal management and some interesting development in the area of aggregate or group purchasing;

  • F2 Projects - a multi-site job management and reporting system, including Joomla! 'back-end client' interface. Syndicate your job work reports out through your clients' Joomla! website/s;

  • F2 Shout Out - a multi-site e-marketing 'engine' including email newsletter, promotions and survey management, data analysis, web forms processing (via the Joomla! CMS front-end) custom workflow/approval scenarios as well as a triggered events mechanism allowing the automatic assembly and publication/processing of content requests based on stored/captured user profiles;

  • F2 CMS - multi-site content management system enabling publication out to multiple Joomla! 'front-ends', including a Flash content management and presentation framework for the Joomla! CMS;

  • F2 PDF - template-based PDF assembly and production management, extending the outstanding PDF generation framework from the good folk at PDFlib, with custom user profiles, permissioned-based workflows and approval scenarios;

  • F2 Sellout - a multi-site event management and booking system with calendar and list-based event registration capabilities that may be published out through multiple Joomla! websites;

  • F2 Classroom - a multi-site coursework, e-learning and assessment system;

  • F2 PayStation - the F2 secure payment gateway for credit card and direct debit processing through all F2 applications and Joomla! extensions;

... is to develop them in such a way as to enable full integration with a number of content management systems including our preferred CMS, Joomla!.

Instead of creating one web application including all of the functionality described above, we have decided to instead keep the systems separate and modular so that each system can be implemented independently and extended as needed to support a variety of content delivery and web services requirements; thereby providing for true, multi-site scalability.

We call our multi-site web systems vision 'Platfform'. For more information regarding our philosophy on the use of open-source technologies and their integration with proprietary 'F2' applications, please click here.