The F2 Joomla! Hosting, Security & Maintenance Programme

F2 offers specialist, secure hosting services for the Joomla! CMS.

F2 provides secure, state-of-the-art hosting services from within the QV1 data centre in Perth. Website hosting is provided under a ‘Joomla! Maintenance & Security Programme’ ($88 / month, inc. GST for Australian customers) and, as the team at F2 has specialised in working with Joomla! since 2002 (including its predecessor 'Mambo'), are well positioned to offer a range of security and maintenance recommendations.

Our hosting maintenance and support service includes additional, ongoing Joomla! security maintenance and support services that are integrated within the monthly hosting service, with the full ‘Joomla! Maintenance & Security Programme’ service including:

  • Monthly hosting for your organisation’s website domain, including 2 GB server space, 5GB traffic per month (excess traffic charged at $11 / GB) and unlimited e-mail addresses;
  • Monthly backups to offsite F2 data storage facilities and/or to your organisation’s internal data storage facilities using the Akeeba Backup extension (additional, scheduled backups will be available at $11 / scheduled backup);
  • Upgrades to the core Joomla! content management framework to the latest version in the series currently being used by your organisation. I.e. upgrades to the 1.5.x series or the 2.5.x series, when available;
  • Free re-installation/restoration of your Joomla! database and website files, should this ever be required.
  • Ongoing security checks, bug checks and liaison on your behalf through to the various developers’ support forums.
  • Discounted upgrades to 3rd party components, when required and following a quotation, provided at $50 / hour (ex GST).
  • Monthly work reports on service maintenance and tasks performed.


Joomla! is like any other database-driven software application and needs to be kept up-to-date to prevent vulnerabilities from being taken advantage of, particularly in a web environment, however we recognise that it is sometimes impossible for clients to keep their software updated on our hosting facilities themselves, which is why we’re introducing these additional services for automated backups and ongoing Joomla! upgrades, including 3rd party Joomla! component support if required.

Note that F2 provides hosting infrastructure for our clients as a means of eliminating the ‘go-between’ necessary sometimes when hosting with a 3rd party provider. Please note that we do not provide hosting for organisations without this now-standard and combined Joomla! hosting, support and maintenance service, and will be happy to advise you of alternative hosting arrangements and help in the transfer of your website to its new location when required should you choose not to proceed. Please keep in mind that if you move your website hosting to another provider, you will still need to keep your software up-to-date and backed up, and if you need F2 to perform an update you will be charged at our normal support rates.

Please contact us now to discuss your Joomla! hosting, security and maintenance needs.