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RSFirewall – Maximising Joomla! Website Security

If you host your Joomla! site with F2 under our Joomla! Maintenance Programme and have logged into your website recently, you may have noticed a new extension called RSFirewall on the admin home page.

RSFirewall is a Joomla! extension which focuses on trying to prevent many of the security threats and breaches that are increasing on the Internet today, including ‘injection attacks’, ‘cross site scripting’, ‘directory traversals’ and ‘holes’ that existing within multi-layered technology ‘stacks’; e.g. operating systems, web serving software, CMS software, extensions, etc.


CKEditor and Inline Editing Creates New Opportunities for F2 Platfform

The ability to edit the text of your website dynamically through the front-end browser has been around for a number of years in what we call 'in-line editing'.  However this is something we have never promoted because, while convenient, it doesn’t allow you to develop an understanding of how articles and modules relate to menus and other content to help you manage your website. In short, 'back-end' editing in the main Joomla! admin control panel is much better.

Now with the release of CKEditor (a WYSIWYG editor applicable to the back-end) we are starting to incorporate this into Platfform, beginning with F2 Contact (CRM) and rolling into F2 Shout Out over the coming weeks. This means that going forward you will be able to dynamically edit the content stored in Platfform from the front end of your website, including:


Joomla Hosting Maintenance Program and Changes to Third Party Support Pricing

Recently we have supported a number of clients, hosting their Joomla! systems externally, in rectifying some urgent website issues; and mainly problems associated with website security breaches or intrusions (i.e. hacks).

For us, and the client, this can often be an unrewarding, frustrating exercise because, despite restoring a backup, most times the breach is not in the Joomla! software itself, but lower down in the operating system or web serving software and, subsequently, the breach can occur again.  For clients hosting on generic, 3rd party hosting environments, it is often difficult for us to determine the real cause of the problem in each instance given that we don't have complete, 'root' access to the web serving technologies being employed and, therefore, permission to access the server log files and other necessary information that may alert us to how the breach occured.

This means that the ‘hole’ where the hacker got in may potentially go unfixed and you are likely to continue to have ongoing incursions and issues. 


Being in Control of Your Marketing Programme – Your Website is Still the Best Place for Customer Engagement

Over the past 12 months we have noticed a growing trend in clients using external platforms and social media portals, or affiliated organisation websites, to launch and operate their marketing campaigns. In terms of control, this can open up a huge can of worms, compromising not just your delivery and results, but also compromising your strategy, budget and brand.


Knowledge, Support and Training – Why Should the CMS Cop a Bad Rap?

Joomla! is now one of the leading, and fastest growing, open source website content management systems in the world – so why do we keep hearing from new clients coming to us for support that they want to move away from the system?

The short answer – lack of support and training!


Living with Spam

We all know how annoying spam can be and, yes, there are a few things you can do eliminate the bulk of it, but the reality is there will always be spam!

There are two types of spam that most of our clients find challenging:

  • Email Spam; and
  • Web form spam – when online enquiry forms are continually submitted by automated robotic software (bots);

So what's the solution?


Did You Know: Advanced Page Control Options in Joomla!

A good deal of Joomla's power and flexibility comes from the way content parameters have been introduced and changed over the years; ever since Joomla's inception back to its released as the 'Mambo' content management framework in 2001 / 2002.