The messaging system to rival your email system for business communications, F2SMS provides instant messaging to your sales force, your management team and, most importantly, your customers.

Features include:

  • User logins, including limits on usage per week/month and even by hour
  • Opt-in/opt-out registration scenarios
  • Address book, including Outlook contacts import facility
  • Message inbox, outbox and deleted items, including user-defined reports by date.
  • Bulk SMS messaging by group or broadcast
  • Free integration of web form onto client?s web site.
  • SMS credit purchase via secure payment gateway
  • Optional password field on SMS form to limit users, or login form to prevent SMS form access.
  • Predefined messages able to be created and maintained by the user
  • Text message field for custom messages
  • Transaction logs for SMS messages sent by user-defined date range.
  • Custom development options (spec?ed and quoted upon request)

F2SMS is your gateway to effective mobile communications. Integrate SMS capabilities into your web site to respond promptly to your customer requests. Add SMS services to your desktop and web-based job management systems, such as F2 Projects. Build opt-in functionality for competitions, prizes and even manage ticketing requirements for your events via F2 Sellout.

Contact us now to discuss your online SMS business management and marketing requirements.