F2 Shout Out

F2 Shout Out is an email, SMS, fax and survey marketing 'engine' capable of integrating with a number of applications developed by F2 as well as the Joomla! content management system.

F2 Shout Out allows integration with your web site for the collection of data, allowing you full control and customisation of the web site forms you require to capture and report on your customer data. Competition management, custom fields for data collection, referral tracking, SMS broadcast and an easy-to-use WYSIWYG editor (TinyMCE) make F2 Shout Out the perfect solution for creating and managing your e-mail, SMS and fax marketing campaigns.

F2 Shout Out also provides for both double opt-in and opt-out customer registration management scenarios, allowing you to confidently manage your business communications in line with current regulations against unsolicited mail (SPAM).

For more information on Shout Out! please visit www.shoutout.net.au