How We Work With Joomla!

Installation & Initial Configuration

F2 provides the initial installation and configuration of the Joomla! content management system at a visible domain address on our development server ( during the design and build stage. This allows our clients to view the ongoing progress of the website implementation and allows them to add/modify content at their leisure; thereby ensuring that the final product is exactly to their specifications. When the site is ready to 'go live', our team will transfer the Joomla! database and file system to your domain hosting provider, provided that full security access has been provided, or onto the F2 hosting platform at the QV1 data centre in Perth. Hosting on the F2 serving platform under our 'Joomla! Maintenance Program' is, of course, the preferred option for ease-of-access, ongoing support and reliable backups and security.

During the configuration stage, the default Joomla! installation is modified to set various features and site add-ons/plug-ins as specified by you.

Design & Design Modifications

The Joomla! CMS is installed initially with a default template, which we of course modify to allow it to reflect your organisation's design/branding and required content structure. There are certain structural limitations to the designs that cannot be overcome, which is often the case for template-based content management systems; however in our experience these limitations are minimal and are only necessary to ensure that you are able to add content in a structured and defined way.

F2 is capable of providing your site design, and any design modifications necessary, within the design constraints imposed by the Joomla! system. A custom design can take anywhere from 15 to 30 hours and, following client approval and sign-off, we then spend another 15 to 30 hours implementing the design (i.e. 'cutting up' into HTML). All design and design implementation work for Joomla!, or general graphic design, is charged at our standard design rate of $99 per hour (inc GST).

Comprehensive Training

Joomla! is very simple to use and is well supported by excellent online documentation and international support forums, however initial training is essential and F2 charge $132 per hour (inc GST) for this service. We estimate that a basic Joomla! training introduction to help you navigate through the administrative console, create content items and create and modify menu items should take between 2 to 5 hours and can include the loading of your actual site content. Training also includes a hard-copy, task-oriented training manual and can is also available in an online format via Remote Desktop Connection, should an onsite or in-person training session not be possible. There are no minimum or maximum limits, so training can be provided as often as required.

Please note that there are also no compulsory contracts for software maintenance and support for the Joomla! CMS, allowing you to spend as much or as little as you require on training and support as you require. Please note, however, that our support rate is $44 / 15 mins (inc. GST).

Loading of Content - Initial & Ongoing

F2 is also able to aid in the initial addition of content (images, website copy, video, etc) into your Joomla! content management system, however Joomla! is so simple we don't think you'll need it. However if you're constrained by time then we're here to help. F2 has a content addition/conversion rate of $49.50 per half hour (inc GST) and we will provide you with an estimate based on the number of items and whether or not images are provided that do or don't require manipulation.

Site Management & Consulting Services

F2 is able to provide ongoing management services in the areas of content management, management reporting, order processing, and marketing services, such as may be required for customised weekly or monthly newsletter promotions to your customers. We can discuss your needs and come to an arrangement, or discuss alternatives that could help you to achieve your goals via an online partnership arrangement.

Telephone/Email/Dial-in Support

F2 provides timely telephone and online/email support between the hours of 8:00am and 5:00pm, Monday to Friday, Perth time (GMT + 08:00). Our telephone/email/dial-in support services are charged at $33 (inc GST) per 15 minutes when paying by credit card and lodged through our online job tracking system, or $44 (inc GST) per 15 minutes via invoiced account. As mentioned, there are no support contracts and no compulsory monthly maintenance fees. Clients will have the option of requesting F2 to update their applications as new releases become available, and this will be charged at our normal support rates. Please note that F2 does not provide training over the phone in sessions greater than an hour at a time.

Joomla! Component & Plug-in Investigation/Consulting

F2 can also assist in the investigation of additional Joomla! components and modules required to support business management and marketing needs. The Joomla! extensions directory provides a list of internationally developed plug-ins for the Joomla! CMS, with applications including shopping carts, document management systems, content editors, image galleries, and so on; all of which are available to extend and enhance the core Joomla! features. Note that F2 charges varying rates for the investigation, installation and configuration (including templating but not content entry) of these components.