Wine Industry

Website Design

F2 provides web design services for the creation of templates for the Joomla! ( website content management system (CMS). Templates may be designed and customised from scratch, or may be created based on one or more template designs selected as examples from 3rd party template service sites such as Template Monster (

F2 provides in-house web design services, but also works as ‘technology partners’ with many creative/ad/marketing agencies and other graphic design agencies around Australia for the purpose of taking their design creations and performing the technical implementation requirements.

Joomla! Content Management

Joomla! is an internationally-developed content management system.  Generally speaking, a content management system provides a database-driven storage capability for content (i.e. images, graphics, text, etc.) that is delivered dynamically to the browser upon request. A CMS provides a way of managing this content and separates the storage of content from the template or templates that present it.

F2 has worked with the Joomla! CMS since it was known as ‘Mambo’ back to 2002. Since then F2 has designed and implemented over 400+ websites based on this wonderful management framework in addition to creating many modules and plug-ins to extend Joomla’s default capabilities.  F2 services relating to Joomla! include:

  • Template design;
  • Installation and configuration;
  • 3rd party component installation, configuration, templating/styling;
  • Ongoing training and support;
  • Content loading assistance;
  • Content styling, search engine optimisation and quality assurance;
  • System audits for new clients with existing Joomla! websites;
  • Hosting and ongoing software maintenance.

F2 Platfform - Software as a Service

F2’s own contribution to the international Joomla! ‘movement’ includes the following F2 Platfform modules:

  • F2 CRM - a customer management application enabling full control over contact information captured and stored from one or more (Joomla!) websites (and from the various, other modules described below), and also includes the F2 Automation module for triggered and scheduled events, document generation (PDF) and management, user defined fields and forms, as well as purchase order management, inventory control and contract management;
  • F2 SignUp - membership and registration management, including product and service configuration settings (i.e. traditional shopping cart), promotions and loyalty management, quote and proposal management and some interesting development in the area of aggregate or group purchasing;
  • F2 Projects - a multi-site job management and reporting system, including Joomla! 'back-end client' interface. Syndicate your job work reports out through your clients' Joomla! website/s;
  • F2 Shout Out - a multi-site e-marketing 'engine' including email newsletter, promotions and survey management, data analysis, web forms processing, custom workflow/approval scenarios as well as a triggered events mechanism allowing the automatic assembly and publication/processing of content requests based on stored/captured user profiles;
  • F2 CMS - multi-site content management system enabling publication out to multiple Joomla! 'front-ends', including a Flash content management and presentation framework for the Joomla! CMS;
  • F2 PDF - template-based PDF assembly and production management, extending the outstanding PDF generation framework from the good folk at PDFlib, with custom user profiles, permission-based workflows and approval scenarios;
  • F2 Sellout - a multi-site event management and booking system with calendar and list-based event registration capabilities that may be published out through multiple Joomla! websites;
  • F2 Classroom - a multi-site coursework, e-learning and assessment system;
  • F2 PayStation - the F2 secure payment gateway for credit card and direct debit processing through all F2 applications and Joomla! extensions;

Contact Management, Profiling & Communications

The F2 CRM module provides for:

  • Traditional contact management and profiling of customers, including tracking of what contacts have purchased, over what time frames and how often, etc. I.e. dynamic profile lists.
  • E-mail marketing and advanced newsletter assembly.
  • Automation via triggered and scheduled events, with the latter referring to automated actions that are performed on stored data; e.g. sending all wine club members an automated happy birthday message and promotion for all people having a birthday ‘today’ (for stored birthdates).
  • Campaign management and reporting. All contacts selected for a particular campaign containing a specific promotion who are then
  • Referral tracking for rewarding contacts who may refer friends and colleagues.
  • Contact motivations and outcomes. Motivations or reasons for contact, during or external to a campaign, and outcomes of the particular contact method, which can initiate tasks for one or more staff. E.g. Call back in 2 weeks.
  • Tasting notes management and PDF generation based on editable PDF templates;
  • Distribution directory management including website display of on/off licences stocking your product range, searchable by post code;

Online Sales

The F2 SignUp module of F2 CRM provides for:

  • Traditional shopping cart presentation of products/services.
  • Secure payment processing via the F2 PayStation secure payment interface including Visa and MasterCard payments plus additional options for Direct Debit.
  • Recurring membership and payment plan options.
  • Quote and proposal management; when a specific proposal and costing is required, which may subsequently allow the prospective client to login and amend or modify optional products/services.  A wedding event proposal is an example where this might be applicable.
  • Purchase order management.
  • Sales reporting and profiling.

Wine Club Management

  • Traditional (regular, predefined orders) and non-traditional wine club management capabilities, with discounts provided for by a ‘Shopper Groups’ function.
  • Automated exporting of data delivered to 3rd party direct marketing agencies, e.g. Cellar Force.
  • Group or aggregate buying schemes where higher discounts are achieved through the viral referral activity of members and their ability to subscribe people/friends/colleagues to a buying group. (Development in progress).

Event Management

  • Event calendar and booking services. F2 develop the F2 Sellout event management, booking and reporting system as part of the Platfform suite of applications.

Marketing Consultancy

  • Discussion and analysis of proposed marketing initiatives, including the applicability and possible extension of F2 Platfform systems to accommodate marketing needs.
  • Direct marketing planning and implementation, including outsourced cold call telemarketing.

3rd Party Integration

  • EzyWine integration for the automated two-way passing of product and sales data between F2 CRM, SignUp and EzyWine (
    • Mapping of EzyWine product codes to F2 SignUp products, including stock kits (multi-product items) for inventory control;
    • Importing of Ezy Wine product data into F2 SignUp;
    • Automated daily function for exporting sales dockets to EzyWine;
  • Cellar Force integration for the passing of contact (i.e. wine club member) data to Cellar Force for direct marketing and sales, and the subsequent passing of sales and updated contact data to F2 CRM. This project is currently in the specification stages for wineries in Victoria and Western Australia.
  • Twitter integration enabling the tweeting of promotions and custom landing pages for promotion purchase, as well as the tracking of re-tweets and additional bonuses for those who retweet;
  • Facebook integration, enabling subscription management from your Facebook page into the Shout Out e-marketing engine;
  • Other integration. Upon request, an analysis and specification can be delivered, which provides for further automation and integration with existing internal systems.