F2 CMS is a multi-site content management system, including a Flash content management and presentation framework, for the Joomla! CMS.

F2 CMS has been developed in order to overcome some of the limitations within the Joomla! CMS in relation to multi-site content management and custom content approval workflows; in addition to this, F2 CMS has been developed to implement PDF publication management (via templates) and to deliver Flash content management, primarily to facilitate online demonstrations and support documentation.

F2 CMS is part of the 'Platfform' group of web-based applications developed by F2, all of which use the Joomla! CMS as the front-end for multi-site content, contact and web systems presentation. Most importantly, F2 CMS allows the re-use of content (text/images/video) whether it be for web/email, print or Flash animation.

Note that our applications sit outside the Joomla! CMS, but integrate with Joomla! via bridge components for front-end presentation.

Please visit http://www.f2cms.com/ for more information.