Case Studies

Getting Customer Data Into One Place

You are a general manager of a business that has variety of services and products. Groups of your staff manage each segment of your business at different locations using industry-standard, stand-alone software packages. Your loyal customers make purchases from across your multiple business segments and their customer data is duplicated in several systems.

You would like to consolidate the customer contact information from the multiple segments without changing or interrupting the flourishing, independent systems that are in place. You'd like to ensure your customers are recognized throughout your company by each business unit. You want your staff to easily access the most recent customer contact updates at all times. At the same time, you see the opportunity to look for trends across the different branches of your business by uniting the customer and sales data in one location.

In this case study, we look at how Balgownie Estate and Foote Francis were able to unite customer data across many winery services and products by using the website as a hub. Foote Francis customized a Joomla CMS (Content Management System) website with F2 PlatFForm modules to create an efficient, active online presence that paralleled and unified Balgownie Estates' successful businesses.


Foote Francis used over ten years of experience and their F2 CRM (Customer Relationship Management) system to aggregate customer sales and contact data. By listening to how Balgownie Estate managed their business, Foote Francis was able to work out a variety of solutions to communicate data both into and out of Balgownies systems.






Refining and Targeting Wine Sales
Balgownie Estate's income channels include wines sales, accommodation, conferences and events. In particular, the wine sales are complex, with a majority of Balgownie's revenue coming from outbound promotional sales of wine, a portion of income coming from the retail sales of wine at the cellar door and a portion of sales coming from online wine purchases.


Balgownie is able to analyze the sales data that has been aggregated at the website. By logging into their administrative side of the website, Balgownie's marketing staff are able to generate ad-hoc and recurring reports used to profile customers trends and improve the types of wines offered.

Outbound marketing is performed using the F2 ShoutOut email application and by outbound sales calls. The F2 ShoutOut system connects to contact information in F2 CRM. The F2 ShoutOut email offers are set up to be triggered by events, like a birthday or a specific type of purchase being made. The Balgownie staff uses F2 ShoutOut to send newsletters to wine club members. The history of each communication is recorded in the F2 CRM contact history.

Customer's purchasing history from F2 CRM is used by the outbound sales staff to intelligently discuss and offer wine specials that fit the customer's likes. Telephone sales data is fed back into F2 CRM and keeping loyal customers happy.

Reservations Steaming In
Similar to wine sales, Balgownie Estate has two vineyard properties with accommodation. The two properties are about 200 kilometers / 125 miles apart and it would take approximately a two and a half hours to drive between the two locations. Each property has multiple, unique streams of revenue from conference bookings to quaint cottage accommodation. Within these varied properties are restaurants, resort and spa services.

The reservations are sold by Balgownie's staff and a small portion is sold through a travel reseller service. At each site, Balgownie's staff manages their bookings using hospitality management software. Data from the hospitality software and from the travel reseller service are communicated to the F2 CRM sitting on the website. As data is collected, duplicates are removed, updated contact information is inserted and new contacts are added.

BalgownieYarraUpdating changes to room details on the website is standardized by K2 data component and the Joomla website template. When Balgownie's staff checks boxes for amenities, like internet access and mini bar, an icon is automatically added to the room description. When the staff adds pictures, the K2 and Joomla systems crop and resize the picture to ensure a consistent visual style in the descriptions. The staff does not need to have web design or coding skills to update the web pages.






A Segmented Business is Centralized

In summary, Balgownie Estate has centralized their business through good use of web technology. Foote Francis set up a Joomla website, K2 data component and F2 CRM to reduce data entry, share contact updates, streamline data sharing and standardize communication. The F2 ShoutOut email marketing application connects to the F2 CRM and Balgownie's staff to communicate focused offers to customers.

Balgownie Estate’s customized F2 CRM receives data from:

  • Customers who buy wine or accommodation online
  • Customers who buy accommodation in-person
  • Customers who join the wine club online or in-person at the cellar door
  • The sales firm that calls and sells wine to club members
  • The sales service that recommends Balgownie Estate's wine to new customers

Balgownie is now able to:

  • Quickly and more accurately measure buying trends across multiple segments of their business
  • Send offers to customers based on customer history and buying preferences
  • Spend less time entering online and telephone sales into an EFTPOS terminal by hand, because transactions are automated
  • Spend less time importing and exporting contact lists for telephone or online sales campaigns, because data transfers are automated
  • See current contact data within any segment of the business and worries less about out-dated or duplicate data in their various systems

If you have a businiess that doesn't fit an "off the shelf" or subscription CRM service and you want customization to fit your needs, contact Hayden to explore your website needs and discuss your long term website goals (AUS) +61 8 9228 9288 or through Foote Francis' website.

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