Company Overview & Vision

Foote Francis Pty Ltd ('F2') is a web development company based in Perth, Western Australia, providing web-based business management and marketing software solutions to organisations around the globe. Our aim is to provide our clients with a range of professional services in the digital arena, including software solutions (F2 and 3rd party), comprehensive training and support, and access to business management and marketing acumen, to assist them in streamlining and automating their processes (B2B, B2C, B2G), thereby helping them to achieve their goals and ensuring they can recognise and take full advantage of all opportunities through educated, guided participation.

Our company seeks to provide our customers with clear and concise information on how new technologies and emerging trends can benefit them and ultimately their bottom line; ensuring they understand what problems these technologies and trends can solve and what opportunities they may present to gain a competitive advantage.  We have a particularly focus on rapidly emerging open source technologies, such as the Joomla! content management system, and new technology delivery models, such as 'Software as a Service' (SaaS) and variations of the 'Cloud Computing' paradigm; which, along with the explosion in the mobile and social networking mediums, are redefining how and where information is presented and how customers, therefore, make purchasing decisions.

They are also helping to eliminate boundaries of accessibility such that these technologies, once believed the domain of large multi-nationals with healthy IT budgets only, are now easily within reach of small to medium-sized enterprises. This increasing access to, exposure to and experience gained in using these technologies, under changing and evolving delivery scenarios such as 'SaaS', is helping to rewrite the rules of competition and is creating a more even playing field for web-focused organisations; not to mention fostering innovations and ideas that are the result of growing numbers of increasingly IT literate business owners and managers with the kind of confidence that emerges from an 'anything is possible' attitude. Never before has the word 'interoperability' meant so much to so many, particularly in this the age of social communications where the technologies to connect your systems to those of your partners, aligned distribution channels and social networks, wherever and whenever you like, are being driven by the guys at the top.

We see these capabilities evolving and these changes occuring.  We interpret them, we understand them and we extrapolate and hypothesize from them.  The result is we plan and develop for them so that our clients can achieve maximum benefit from the implementation of our technologies. From our planning and development we are able to deliver alternatives; product, service and pricing alternatives, including online partnership arrangements and joint ventures, that allow your organisation to implement complex and advanced sales, marketing and automation systems in fexibile ways that support you through your growth; constantly seeking ways to minimise your reliance on technology through web-based automation and service-based solutions, and therefore effectively minimising your cost of ownership.

Our vision, for which we recently received Australian Federal Government funding, includes the ongoing development of the F2 suite of multi-site applications, which view each Joomla! site as a potential node on a network into which we can connect and present (i.e. syndicate) various functionalities; including content, contact and web systems functions. This suite of applications includes:

  • F2 CRM - a contact/customer relationship management system enabling full control over contact typing, categorisation and profiling, potentially across one or from multiple Joomla!-based websites; as well as modules to aid in automation (scheduled and triggered events), document management, directory management and much, much more;
  • F2 SignUp - an e-commerce module and extension for the F2 CRM contact management system, providing traditional shopping cart functionality through to quote and proposal management, loyalty and promotions management, user registration and membership management;
  • F2 Projects - a multi-site job and project management system, including automated flow-through of approved and purchased proposals (i.e. projects) from F2 SignUp;
  • F2 Shout Out - a multi-site e-marketing ‘engine’ for e-newsletter, survey, lead generation and promotions management, as well as data analysis and reporting;
  • F2 CMS - a multi-site content management system, allowing publication of content in HTML and Flash formats through to multiple Joomla! ‘front-ends’, following head-office approval on all articles and resources (images, video, graphics) uploaded via custom workflow manager;
  • F2 PDF - a groupware/multi-site content management, PDF assembly and publication management system with approval-based workflow capabilities, as well as ‘PDF to web/email/Flash’ content sharing and centralised brand management capabilities;
  • F2 Sellout - a multi-site event and registration management system;
  • F2 Classroom - a multi-site coursework, learning and assessment (e-learning) system;
  • F2 PayStation - our secure payment gateway solution including Visa/MasterCard and Direct Debit capabilities;;

The team at F2 are able to analyse your organisation’s needs and processes to deliver best-of-breed productivity and marketing solutions. In short, we're an Internet-age design, development and marketing company providing thought leadership in the areas of content management, customer management, marketing systems design and implementation, and web-based automation; succeeding through mutual success.