VirtueMart eCommerce Shopping Cart

VirtueMart is an e-commerce, shopping cart application and is a component (i.e. plug-in) for the Joomla! content management system. It is intended for use in small to medium-sized online businesses, however has advanced functionality for managing many large-scale online sales requirements. In addition VirtueMart is open source and covered under the General Public License, allowing custom modifications so obsolescence is protected.


  • Manage an unlimited number of products and categories;
  • Use VirtueMart as a shop or as an online catalogue;
  • Sell downloadable products such as documents or images;
  • Powerful web-based administration tool (integrated directly into Joomla! CMS);
  • Product import and export using CSV (comma separated value) files;
  • Add images and files (such as ‘spec’ sheets and flyers) to a product;
  • Add attributes (such as size or colour) to your products;
  • Manage your customers in shopper groups;
  • Assign more than one price to a product;
  • Each shopper group has its own discount level;
  • Display prices either including or excluding tax (manageable for each shopper group);
  • Shop statistics/control panel with a summary of new customers, new orders, etc.;
  • Manage the stock level for products and items;
  • Notify shoppers when a product is back in stock;
  • Use zone-based tax calculation (city/state & country/region) or store owner based tax calculation;
  • Manage your own shipping carriers and rates;
  • Use Australia Post shipping rate API and calculator;
  • Complete order management with order history and IP address storing;
  • Basic reporting feature;
  • Manage order statuses;
  • Shoppers can add their own shipping addresses;
  • Let your customers easily search for products through a search form;
  • Feature specific products by setting them on special;
  • Shoppers can see, in what time a product will usually ship, on product-details page (with nice images!);
  • Shoppers can manage their user accounts (registration required);
  • Shopper can view all their orders (and order details);
  • Order confirmation mail (customisable!) is sent to shopper and store owner;
  • Manage different currencies, countries and states;
  • Use safe SSL encryption (128-bit);
  • Capable of live credit card processing through F2 Pay Station;
  • And much more …

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